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Oil & Gas

Transport & Logistics

Real time visibility to vehicles & workforce helping in informed decision making, monitoring driving behavior helps to increase productivity, reduce maintenance and fuel costs & promotes safety in public transport.

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Oil & Gas

Get complete visibility of people, vehicle and equipment like hours of operations, adherence to safe driving limits, location of assets in predefined locations and take proactive decisions based on real time information thereby ensuring better safety in Operations.

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Government & Emergency Services

Real-time fleet tracking and management of ambulance, fire engines, law enforcement vehicles etc. form backbone for providing quick response to emergency / life threatening / crisis situations reduces risk fo accident and injuries and are basic need for any state/ government.

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Construction & Mining

Safety and efficiency on the job in construction, mining is very critical especially due to remote nature of operations, also work spread across multiple locations means it is a challenge to track the assets and resources at all times.


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