GPSTracs offers fleet management solution across a number of key industries

Enterprise Class Solution Reliable. Scalable. Secure.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Remote Tacho Download Solution

Fuel Monitoring

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Fuel Management

Our solution is compatible with major fuel level sensors in the industry, including the resistive fuel level sensor, CLS sensor, LLS sensor, and ultrasonic fuel level sensor.

 After a tracker is connected to the fuel monitoring system, besides basic location information, customers can also get fuel consumption, fuel level, fuel leak, fuel theft information, etc.

 More importantly, managers can get fuel reports from GPSTracs tracking platform, which helps fleet companies understand where improvements and adjustments are needed.

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

GPSTracs offers Easy to set up, easy to use! Bluetooth wireless communication technology to monitor temperature and humidity of your cargo

Perfect monitoring solution for wide use in the cold chain logistics, freezers, refrigerators & other temperature sensitive cases

Sensor uses advanced Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology to get data from long distance, it can work from internal battery up to 300 days!

Collected temperature & humidity information of the surrounding environment is transferred to tracking device which has possibility to support up to four temperature sensors at the same time!

TPMS: Tyre Pressure Mgmt. System

Regulatory Compliance

With GPSTracs Tacho-Comply [Tachograph Download & Analysis In One Tool!], you have a complete tool for tachograph compliance. 

The European Council made the ‘smart tachograph’ mandatory from 15 June 2019 in every bus and truck to be licensed up or after this date which consists of following:

An ITS interface (Intelligent Transport Systems) – this allows sharing vehicle data or other data with other systems

A GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System, or GPS + GLONASS): with location information and additional speed data. In addition, the location data must help to determine how much of their work time drivers have spent in a particular country. The latter helps to reduce unfair competition.

A DSRC interface (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) – this module makes it possible for monitoring bodies to read out data at a (short) distance that helps to detect possible fraud.


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