Fleet management solution for Electric Vehicles

Monitor EVs and conventional vehicles all together under one platform!

There are some new types of data for fleet managers to use to their advantage that are unique to electric vehicles:

  • Percent of Charge remaining / alerts
  • Mileage per kilo-watt hour (Kwh)
  • Charging Rate (% Charged in x-minutes)
  • Battery health monitoring
  • Status of Charge (SOC)
  • Fleet charging cost

Records from charging sessions include:

  • Location of the charging session
  • Length of the charging session
  • KW rate of the charging session
  • Starting status of charge & end status of charge
  • Time duration of the charging session
  • Optimize Electric Range by Measuring Efficiency / Compare the efficiencies of each EV and adjust operational behavior to increase efficiency
  • Monitor driving behavior, reduction in aggressive acceleration and/or braking, can have positive impact on range of an EV thereby lowering the amount of time vehicles have to spend charging
  • Tracking the location of each charge will help understand how the vehicles charging are contributing to overall building load
  • Charging patterns for different vehicles lets you measure plug-in compliance — another charging optimization strategy
  • The real-time status of charge (SOC) information indicates the vehicles in need of charging to ensure it will have enough charge for its next journey OR  to select vehicles which have the appropriate level of charge to complete the task needed
  • Help in planning for Smart, where charging can be shifted based on grid loads and in accordance to the vehicle owner’s needs. The utility shaves peak demand, avoiding costly infrastructure upgrades
  • Monitor overall vehicle health and leverage warranty repairs where applicable

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